Harry Potter Blog

Harry Potter Blog

Although it was a long journey, I had an awesome time at Harry Potter World.


We entered and we saw Harry Potter’s bedroom under the stairs (that was actually in his house.) It was an exciting start of our trip.

By Diogo.


We also had wrist bands, one of them was light blue and the other dark blue. We also saw the main hall and a golden snitch and also the three headed wolf and the tree monster was smashing the car.

By Theo

Next we went in another room with a gigantic screen that showed as parts of the eight Harry Potter films.


We got to go in to the cinema, after the screen came up  there were the actual doors into the Hogwarts dining room.

By Jace

Then we went to the first room, which was the dining room. Then we went to the Great Hall. It was AMAZING.

By Kieran.


















We got a Harry Potter passport. We had to get six stamps, so it was like a challenge.



We went through to the main hall! We had to find all the golden snitches! We went to the potions lab and saw a spoon stirring the mixture by itself!

By Izzy!


We got to take a picture on the broomstick. We then went to the forbidden Forest, where we saw the dragon.       



The next thing we went to see was the costumes that they used in the movie. They were brilliant.



Next we went to have a picture on a broom stick and in the picture it looked like we were floating on a broom stick over Hogwarts castle. But I think the best bits where the model castle and the Forbidden Forest.


We went to the forbidden forest. Me and Finley went to press two buttons and then some big spiders came down from the roof.


It was so beautiful, we walked along and saw some wands then saw the Gryffindor common room and we found the first stamp and printed it into our Passport.
















We saw a griffon with a snake in a room full of spiders.

It was very fun. I want to go again.

By Angelica.

We went to the Forbidden Forest [ that was my favourite part] it was my favourite bit because I’m scared of spiders. Suddenly the room was filled with spiders, Courtnie and I screamed really loud.

By Matilda 


Harry Potter is definitely my favourite film. I had an amazing day. My two favourite bits were probably the forbidden forest and the platform nine and three quarters.


By Milly

We saw the stuff they used like green screens. It looks like it is real but it was just a green screen which can change into different stuff like lightning bolts, sun and raining.

By Lucas   


We got a book for stamps, in the book there was a puzzle and I did it.

It said “I solemmly swear that I am up to no good!. “  

 By Ayla

We saw the Hogwarts Express it was so fun. I don’t know how people could miss it. In there I got really scared but it was a great day.

By Fergus



By Class 2 on May 25th, 2017